Sunday, February 22, 2015

Soft and comfortable Foam Earplugs

In simple words, foam earplugs are comfortable, inexpensive earplugs to prevent ear damage due to noises or unequal air pressure. Foam earplugs are mainly made of foam and this foam have capability to compress and put into the ear canal for protection and then expand according to shape of the ear canal to fit itself and plug it.

This type of earplugs are mainly used for noise reduction but quality and amount of reducing noise depends on the foams type used and the type of molding done to make these earplugs. Whether you are at work or relaxing at home you must protect your hearing from getting damage from loud harmful noises.

 In case of protecting from unequal air pressure, the earplug slows down the movements of air into and out of the ear which helps to give more time to ear to adjust the change occurs in air-pressure especially in flight.
The most common and comfortable earplugs are soft foam earplugs. It basically used by compressing then and then sticking them into ear canal then they expand to fit the ear canal. Foam earplugs are not reusable but inexpensive because for their material quality and not cleanable. A user can hear the sounds little muffled as it is able to prevent more efficiently high frequencies sound then low frequencies sound.

Basic use of foam earplugs:

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Foam earplugs comes in high Noise Reduction Rating of around 30dB which offers you unsurpassed combination of protecting hearing and allowing you to be comfortable in dangerous  noises levels environments.
•    Peaceful sleep
•    Recording or listening to a play
•    Concentrating in studies or work
•    Attending concerts or other loud events
•    Riding motorcycle
•    Shooting sports
•    Traveling, protect form unequal air pressure
•    Prevent loud noise

 Considering some criteria while making Foam earplugs:

 Blocking sounds:

Earplugs for sleeping must be able to prevent entering range of different sounds from different sources into ears. It must effectively block out noises.


Only able to block sound is not enough, it must be comfortable to sleep in all night, such as earplugs for sleeping, Foam earplugs or custom designed earplugs are mostly used for mot comfort level.

Easy to use

These earplugs can easily plug-in ear to block noises.  As it can be easy to plug in, it can even be easy to plug out. There are many earplugs which needs twisters or something to pull it out.

Don’t break apart easily.

For humans sensitive ears the material used must be made in such a way that it doesn’t break in parts inside the ear canals to avoid any medical issues.


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